The Good Life Pinewood Framed Art

$49.95 USD

Gift a creative present that conveys warmth with this life-inspired art piece featuring detailed linework and soft sea colors, expertly matted and framed.

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The Good Life combines the look natural materials such as pebbles, driftwood, shells, twigs and sea glass to convey warm emotions and tell unique stories. Each piece is meticulously handmade by skilled artisans. The sea glass-inspired details create a meaningful, unique peice of artwork. The bluish glass accents add soft touches of sea colors to enliven any home's décor. Great as a gift to express your feelings for a friend or loved one. "The Good Life" is a tranquil representation of spending time with a special person on the beach, or other peaceful place. Small, whimsical, pale blue birds dot the scene with emotional accents against a white background.

Packaging Sentiment: “Each piece is meticulously and ethically handmade by skilled artisans”

Artist: Sharon Nowlan

Dimensions: 15" w x 8" h

Materials: Pinewood frame, paper, glass & PVC

Includes: Back easel & keyhole hanger