How to Give in a Time of Grieving


Losing someone is difficult and often times we struggle to express our condolences in a way that feels meaningful and genuine. We worry about saying or doing the wrong thing, in fear of upsetting them even more. However, the worst thing we can do is nothing. Whether they are a friend, family member, coworker or casual acquaintance; they each need comfort and support during this time. Offering empathy can be a great way to show you care about them and can take shape in a variety of ways.


Gifts of Time

Giving can be seen as a reflection of the love you have for your friends or family in their time of mourning. There are many meaningful ways to give. One way is to dedicate yourself to them. Listen to their stories and engage with them, be someone they can rely on for a warm meal, a shoulder to lean on or be someone to keep the mood light. They know how valuable your time is and they will forever be grateful for the moments spent together.


Gifts to Comfort

Gifts of comfort can be interpreted in several ways. Depending on your relationship with them can help determine which gift is best. Some people tend to rely on affection, holding a loved one in their arms, using comforting words or writing a heartfelt letter. Others branch out and send special gifts, small or large, they all have the same intention, to provide comfort during the time of mourning. There are options to send such gifts, such as a fluffy blanket, weighted pillow, inspiring framed artwork, or a remembrance bell. These gifts are channeled for comfort to help ease the difficulties your friend or family member might be going through.


Gifts with Meaning

Another way to give is by creating something much more personal, a one-of-a kind gift, such as a plaque, candle, ornament, frame, etc. These gifts can include the name of their loved one, along with a photo or two, depending on the gift itself. Not only does the personalized keepsake gift reflect a thoughtful gesture but a gracious one as well. You want your loved one to know they aren’t alone in this journey and that you are here to support them.


Heartfelt condolences can be expressed in numerous ways. Reflect on your relationship with your friend or family member and be intentional with the way you give. Whether you are preparing a meal, writing a letter or personalizing a keepsake, give a gift worth giving.