Create Connection this Holiday Season

The holiday season often times brings joy for many people. Family members begin to coordinate when and where the celebrations will take place along with solidifying travel plans and dinner menus. However, for those who lost a loved one, the holiday season lacks the usual joy and cheer and may be very different than years past.


The first holiday without a loved one may bring heartache and confusion. Annual traditions are disrupted without the physical presence of a loved one, different meals may be prepared or perhaps, not prepared and there may be a lingering sadness to the natural hustle and bustle of the holiday spirit. Looking forward to visiting friends and family may no longer be as exciting as it once was.


But the holidays don’t have to be filled with hopelessness, instead the holidays can be filled with remembrance and appreciation for those who are no longer here.


The holiday season is a time to connect with friends and family members who may be facing this season without their loved one. There are many ways to reach out, whether that be to write a note, or to make a phone call, connecting with others is what the holiday season is about. Other ways to show compassion is to give a gift that has a purpose. With personalized ornaments, a favorite photo can be displayed during the holidays as a token of remembrance of a loved one. Gifts with photographs often spark conversations by friends sharing stories or reminiscing about favorite memories. Not only does this help the grieving process but it shines light on a cherished and admirable friend.


Connection can also be created with personalized and non-personalized gifts. Giving a gift isn’t just about buying something and hoping it’s appreciated but instead, it’s looked at as a way to help someone through their hardships. Gifts of comfort such as a blanket or pillow offer peace and gifts of remembrance bring happiness. One gift especially significant, personalized or not, is the Frosted Glass Cardinal Ornament. Not only are cardinals’ beautiful birds that glow in the whiteness of winter but a quote known by many, “When cardinals appear, loved ones are near” is a gentle reminder that loved ones aren’t far. Connect with loved ones and bring them a little bit of joy this holiday season.